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thinkThin High Protein Smoothie Mix

  As a dietitian, I oftentimes hear clients addressing their concerns about smoothies, protein powder, and superfoods. This blog touches base on all three since

LOW Creamy Pichuberry Smoothie Bowl 2

Pichuberry: Peru’s Exotic Fruit

The Andes are known to produce many nutrient dense foods, from 3,000 different types of potatoes, quinoa, to this exotic secret fruit of the Incas:

Simple Gourmet Grilling

It is the season to get the grill fired up and bring on that wonderful, smoky taste. Forget the standard BBQ steak. Here are some

The Pitfall In Making Resolutions

The number one pitfall in making resolutions is setting goals.  Be realistic and set attainable ambitions—ones that you can measure and actually achieve.  Most importantly,

What If You Blew It?

Have you eaten too much lately?  Don’t stress about it or go to the gym and overdo it!  Just keep moving forward by picking right

my 10 biggest secrets for weight loss

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