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Concierge Caliente Kitchen

Weight Loss Meal Service in San Francisco

Weekly meal plan with cooked, pre-portioned meals by a Culinary Registered Dietitian

"My meals will show you that you don't have to kill flavor for health.
You can have both – a flavorful and healthy meal."

- Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN

Why the Concierge caliente kitchen?

Personalized weekly meal plan

Registered dietitian Manuel will personally craft your meal plan with tailored portion sizes to fit your lifestyle and taste preferences.

shopping, cooking, portioning

Manuel with serve as your private chef, doing the work behind the scenes and providing home-cooked meals for you weekly.

cULINARY dietitian meal guidance

Enjoy nutritious, plant-packed meals, that align with our shared understanding of your weight goals and nutrient needs.
His meals are always delicious with a lot of variety, not the same meals over and over like we had with other meal programs...
We have been ordering food from Manuel for a few months now. He introduces new flavors and exciting dishes each week and we have not yet had a meal we didn’t like. He even made us some family meals when we hosted our family one weekend so we could stay on track - and our family loved it!! Manuel also makes it so easy for us to track for our meals and diet. We couldn’t be happier.
- Derek & Simon
summer cantaloupe salad with mozzarella and mint

weight loss meal pickup or delivery service with dietitian customization

Indulge in exquisite meals crafted from Manuel Villacorta’s acclaimed cookbooks, meticulously adjusted to meet your unique preferences and dietary needs.

As the founder of MV Nutrition, a renowned San Francisco-based weight loss private practice, Manuel has been honored with five “Best Bay Area Nutritionist” awards from the San Francisco Chronicle, ABC7 News, and other prestigious organizations.

Eliminate the hassle of meal planning, grocery shopping, and portion control. Simply schedule your preferred pickup or delivery time and relish nutritious, delectable dishes tailored to your taste.

Manuel in kitchen with tomatoes

Meals and sides that keep you on track


Meals include all 3 macronutrients of protein, carbs, and fat, in addition to herbs and spices to enhance the flavor and provide additional health benefits.


The weekly side dish will provide vegetables – either roasted, stir-fried, or as a salad. Portioned separately from the main dish to last all week long.

example dishes

Meet YOur culinary dietitian

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN

Over the years, clients have asked me time and time again to cook for them. The Concierge Caliente Kitchen brings those wishes to life. 

At 20, I moved to the U.S. from Peru, where my mom always cooked for me. Unfamiliar with cooking, I frequently ate out, leading to weight gain and a deep yearning for my mom’s homemade meals. 

So, I asked her to send me my favorite recipes. Teaching myself to cook, I discovered the joy of making delicious food with herbs and spices instead of excess fat, sugar, or salt.

Initially on a pre-med path, I realized that food is central to health and disease. This revelation shifted my focus to dietetics, blending my love for food with nutrition science. I founded MV Nutrition to prevent disease through healthy eating, quickly growing a three-month waitlist within six months.

Now, my journey has come full circle. My love for food and cooking, combined with my expertise as a dietitian, allows me to share my passion and knowledge with you.

This isn’t just about nutrition; it’s about bringing the warmth and love of a home-cooked meal to your life. I’m finally doing what I love – cooking and teaching people how to eat well, and I hope I have the opportunity to create meals for you too.

how it works

Provide your meal, package preference, and information in the form below. Manuel will then reach out to you via email to discuss your preferences and needs.

Manuel will put together the combination of meals and the side option for your approval, then begin the preparation process. If you selected a trial meal, he will coordinate the meal option.

Choose between pick-up or delivery (additional fee applies) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you’re outside this zone, overnight frozen meal delivery is an option as well.

Schedule the date to receive your meals, and enjoy high-end home-cooked meals all week.

I am a super picky eater and Manuel takes the time to really get to know what I like and don’t like, and tailors the food to what I need and will enjoy eating...
I’ve been working with Manuel for a few years now but with some life changes (moving) I needed some help with food prep. It is all prepared and portioned for me specifically. All I have to do is warm it up and eat. I am eating healthy and don’t have to shop, find time to cook, or clean up. How much better can it get? He ships my meals and they are delivered right to my door. This service has really helped me get back on track and start losing weight again.


Pick up your meals in San Francisco, or opt for delivery for an additional fee.

Meal services are available for individuals, couples, and families. 

trial meal


Interested in trying a meal before deciding on one of the packages below? Request a trial meal in your form submission before committing. 


“I like my kitchen but want elevated meals.”
$ 300 Per week
  • 4 meals total
    (1 main meal - 4 servings/meal)
  • 2 vegetable side dish servings
    (1 side dish selection)
  • Nutrition assessment for health requirements and goals
  • Pre-portioned meals with your macronutrients for weight loss
  • Tailored fresh meals by a culinary dietitian


"I like to cook but I'm busy and like variation."
$ 475 Per week
  • 8 meals total
    (2 main meals - 4 servings/meal)
  • 4 vegetable side dish servings
    (1 side dish selection)
  • Nutrition assessment for health requirements and goals​
  • Pre-portioned meals with your macronutrients for weight loss
  • Tailored fresh meals by a culinary dietitian


"Where's my cutting board?"
$ 600 Per week
  • 12 meals total
    (3 main meals - 4 servings/meal)
  • 8 vegetable side dish servings
    (1 side dish selection)
  • Nutrition assessment for health requirements and goals​
  • Pre-portioned meals with your macronutrients for weight loss
  • Tailored fresh meals by a culinary dietitian
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Upon submitting this form, Manuel will reach out to you to discuss your selection and plan the first meal delivery.

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