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Since the start of transitioning my in-person practice in San Francisco to a virtual worldwide one, the results from my clients have been just as successful… and I want this success for you. I can be your online personal weight loss coach.

Step 1: Free Dietitian Consultation

I offer 20 minutes of free consultation to listen to your goals and explain the program and how I am going to help you.

Step 2: The 3-Month Weight Loss Program

I do not offer individual sessions, but a weight loss program. This is because, in my years of experience, it takes at least 3 months to establish habits. That’s why my 3-month program is necessary to create lasting behaviors and to modify habits, so you can maintain your results long after you finish working with me. Everyone goes through the same steps, but your nutrition plan will be customized based on your goals and personal lifestyle.

Unlike strict diets that just deny you your favorite foods; my coaching and nutrition plans help you build a comfortable, honest and enjoyable relationship with healthy eating.

Snack ideas

Free Download of Manuel's "21 Nutritious Snack Ideas"

Make snack time healthy, tasty, and hassle-free with these 21 ideas Manuel’s clients love!


client weight loss 165 pounds

Lost 165 lbs.

Lost 53 lbs.

client transformation manuel villacorta weight loss

Lost 112 lbs.

Lost 60 lbs.

client weight loss transformation manuel villacorta

Lost 27 lbs.

client transformation weight loss manuel villacorta

Lost 40 lbs.

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Quick Start weight loss at home


$9.99 Program

Ageless Revolution Reboot Plan

Ageless revolution Reboot Plan Ebook


5-day winter reboot plan


simple and delicious 7 day weight loss meal plan manuel villacorta

7-Day weight loss program meal plan


Over 100 Meal Ideas

100 meal ideas whole manuel villacorta


whole body reboot app screen

The Whole Body Reboot Ap (Free 1 Week Trial)

The perfect program to get introduced to a healthier you!

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virtual one-on-one
registered dietitian weight loss program


custom program

Custom Program Manuel Villacorta Virtual Weight Loss
Whole Body Reboot App

six (6) One-On-One video sessions that span 3-4 months

with Registered Dietitian Manuel Villacorta

Custom Program Manuel Villacorta Virtual Weight Loss
Whole Body Reboot App

start Your Transformation Plan for 3 monthly Payments of $450

3000+ People Helped. 98% Succeeded.

84% Maintained Weight

Real People. Real Results.

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Play Video about client video testimonial manuel villacorta
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now it's Your turn for Your Own Transformation!

Dietitian. Author. Speaker. Spokesperson.

Manuel Villacorta

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RDN, is an internationally recognized, award-winning registered dietitian – nutritionist with more than 18 years of experience. Based in San Francisco, helping people worldwide to lose weight in his virtual weight loss program. He is a bestselling author having published six books and is currently working on his 7th.

One of the leading weight loss and nutrition experts in United States and the recipient of five ‘‘Best Bay Area Nutritionist’’ awards along with “2019 Influencer of the Year” by the Produce for Better Health Foundation. He is also a spokesperson for numerous food commodities and an in-demand nutrition expert on national and international television.

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