The Pitfall In Making Resolutions

The number one pitfall in making resolutions is setting goals.  Be realistic and set attainable ambitions—ones that you can measure and actually achieve.  Most importantly, you must decide that you’re truly willing to make a change in your life, take action, and stick with it.  Set yourself up for success this year; don’t make the same mistake many people make by setting your sights unreasonably high.  Start low and build upon your success.

Why?  Because you’ll feel better about yourself when you achieve multiple small goals.  Conversely, you may give up if you fail at one large, impossible objective.

And remember:  It’s one thing to set a target but another to actualize it.  Don’t just set goals.  Develop an action plan—step by step—for exactly how to get there.  Then be sure to make your environment supportive of those goals and that roadmap.

For example:

Resolution: This year I will eat more fruits and vegetables.

This is great, and most of you probably start with every good intention.  However, a high percentage of people won’t be able to accomplish this because they have no plan or measurable aim.

Make a REALISTC quantifiable goal such as:  I will start by adding fruit after lunch and a vegetable at dinner at least twice a week.  But then you must make the commitment to go to the market and buy enough fruits and vegetables to achieve this goal.   Since you’re promising yourself to do this only two days a week, you’ll have a much better chance of success, which will do wonders for your morale.  You’ll feel like a winner!  Always start low and work yourself up to your complete goal.

Resolution: This year I will walk more.

Remember to be realistic!  Instead of saying you’ll go for a walk every day for one hour, make a pact with yourself to go three times a week for 30 minutes.  Go a step further by setting the exact date and time so that you’re more likely to achieve your goal.

To Do Today:

Develop a few realistic and measurable goals.  Remember that it’s much easier to work on one or two goals at a time rather than on all of them at once.  Make a commitment to yourself to be reasonable, succeed, and achieve!

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