Superfood: Lucuma

Lucuma Overview Lucuma is a tropical fruit that is green in color on the outside and orange in color inside similar to a persimmon. This


Maca-Quinoa Power Fudge

Just when I got tired of using maca in smoothies, I had an idea: a Peruvian power fudge! While fudge is almost always served as

Freecipe: Banana Walnut Waffles

This is a perfect weekend breakfast meal for the entire family. Mmm … Waffles. I’ve found this amazing low-fat, whole grain, low-sugar, high fiber waffle

Eat Your Food Versus Drink It

Eating your food versus drinking it is the preferred choice. When you eat food, you take more time to chew, swallow, and digest. When we

Time To Yam It Out

The yam – consider it the smarter way to satisfy your sweet tooth. At the same time, reap the benefits of one of the best

The Cookie Diet: Revised

This is NOT a blog about Dr. Siegal’s cookie diet from 1975. I’m not selling any products from packages in this blog. In fact, this

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