Time To Yam It Out

The yam – consider it the smarter way to satisfy your sweet tooth. At the same time, reap the benefits of one of the best sources of Vitamin A out there, not to mention Vitamin C, potassium, B6, and fiber (especially with the skin on!). Savor this spud as it protects your eyes, skin and bones, fights your free-radicals, and builds up your immune system. Besides all that – yams are made mostly of complex carbohydrates- so they won’t cause blood sugar spikes. This virtually fat free bright orange powerhouse offers plenty of bang for your buck:

  • Bake it, boil it or roast it and go easy on the toppings for minimal caloric effect and maximal flavor punch (some lighter toppings = salsas, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese)
  • Skip the cereal and try the yam for breakfast with some flax, fruit and protein
  • Get creative and toss some roasted yam cubes in your salad greens or stir-fries

 And yes, you can have fries!

Written by Clarina Raydmanov, San Francisco State University Dietetic Intern

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