From breakfast to dessert, you’re covered with balanced and nutritious options, as well as recipes to help you meet your weight goals.


How To Pop Kiwicha (Amaranth)

Kiwicha, also known as amaranth or “mini quinoa” is a small pseudo cereal noted for its dense nutritional content.  Kiwicha has been farmed in Peru


Quinoa-Spinach & Egg Muffins

Looking for a quick breakfast? Bake these quinoa and spinach muffins in advance and fuel yourself throughout the week. Serves: 12   Serving Size: 1


Manuel’s Healthy Hummus

  Garbanzo beans, aka chickpeas, are round legumes with a nutty, buttery taste. It is because of the flavor profile that it is perfect for

Cilantro Chicken Patty

Did you know burger patties can be healthy too? Here I have created a chicken patty that infuses the flavors of Peru with sautéed cilantro,


Roasted Eggplant and Garbanzo Stew

This is the perfect seasonal vegan stew. Enjoy on a cold day for lunch or dinner. The stew keeps well, making for delicious leftovers any


Silky Pichuberry Mint Smoothie

Get your life’s remedy with this refreshingly smooth concoction of fruits, spice, and leafy greens. The pichuberries and turmeric not only give it that spicy


Kaniwa Crusted Cod

I’m always looking for new, innovative yet healthy ways to prepare fish. My newest preparation uses kaniwa and cod, two foods with incredible health benefits!


Gluten Free Quinoa Superfood Cornbread

  Gluten Free Serves: 8  Serving Size: 144 gramsReboot Servings: 2 Grains & Starches, 0.5 Meat & Vegetarian Meat, 2 Fat, 0.5 SugarCalories: 300 Ingredients: ½ cup dry

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