Eating Free’s Nutrition Coaches And Registered Dietitians

Why Coaching?

Eating Free was designed to be easy and accessible for all. We created free online tools to help anyone who wants to lose weight succeed. That said, we highly recommend some level of coaching to help you understand and incorporate the myriad philosophies and practices that make Eating Free so successful.

While you can certainly lose weight just using the online tools, you’ll find your results are faster and easier to sustain once you’ve worked with one of our trained specialists on a custom program designed around your likes and lifestyle. Our coaching is the most highly customized service that you’ll find anywhere, and you’ll get private, specialized treatment at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated nutritionist.

We also absolutely recommend coaching for anyone trying to lose weight in special circumstances, like breastfeeding, sugar addiction, stress-related or emotional eating, ineffective exercising, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, PCOS, digestive health issues and more.

Each coaching session takes the form of a 30-minute, one-on-one telephone conversation during which an Eating Free registered dietitian expert coach may:

1. Work with you to conduct an in-depth assessment of your goals and lifestyle to tailor the program to your specific situation
2. Evaluate your record keeping and provide recommendations regarding your particular likes and dislikes v
3. Counsel you about which foods to buy at the grocery store
4. Counsel you about what to order at your favorite restaurants
5. Provide exercise recommendations that suit your schedule and the quality of life you seek
6. Make sound, livable recommendations about both nutrition and self-care that will allow you to easily take back control of your weight management program and see results
7. Explain program philosophies or answer questions on how to maneuver technical aspects of the website
8. Offer support by listening, teaching and guiding you to reach your goals faster
9. Motivate you to stay on track
10. Make you accountable

Learn more about Sarah

Sarah Koszyk, MA, RD has brought warmth, compassion, and expertise to her clients in order for them to reach their nutrition, health, and weight goals. With her focus on eating what you want, when you want, in the right portions tailored for you, Sarah acts as a guide to empower her clients on knowing exactly what to do to reach and maintain optimal health.

shannon weston

Shannon Weston, MPH, RD is committed to improving the quality of life for her clients. She shares her knowledge and enthusiasm for nutrition and wellness in a personable and compassionate way.


Learn more about Sharon

Sharon Kong, RD is a very positive, personable, and passionate individual.  She is enthusiastic, motivated, and devoted to her work as a registered dietitian and nutrition coach.  She helps and supports her clients as if they were her own family.




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