Don’t Run To The Gym Instead Go To The Grocery Store

No weight loss plan will work if you dont have the right food around, even if you exercise.  So today’s the day to make plans for the week ahead, so go buy some healthy food and treat yourself right!

Don’t forget to stock up on the basics as well as those healthy snacks you enjoy.  Make sure you buy a variety of fiber-packed breakfast foods like oatmeal and other hot cereals as well as some low-sugar cold cereals.  You may see some of my favorite breakfast ideas.

Break the cycle of eating junk by being prepared, and reinforce the healthy habits you’re developing by having good foods to choose from around you.

And don’t forget to shop for the work week ahead.  Get very lean and lean meats, a variety of fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt, whole grains, and water—not to mention healthy snacks for you to have at your disposal from nine to five.

Save some time by doing a little prep work regarding your meals this week.  For example, cook a larger batch of hot cereal tomorrow so that you can just heat some up for breakfast during the week.  Prepack snack items into portion-sized containers.  Clean and cut vegetables and fruits, storing them in airtight containers so that they’re ready to use when you need them.  Saving time helps keep you focused and motivated!

To Do Today:

  • Head out to the grocery store to buy foods for the upcoming week—and don’t forget snacks!

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