5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Imagine walking out of the grocery store holding all of your food for the week in three heavy bags. Now imagine dropping one of those shopping bags and leaving it in the parking lot every single time you go shopping. Sound wasteful? That’s a visual example of how much food is wasted either intentionally or unintentionally in the world.

An average of 30% of all food goes uneaten and the US is the global leader in this category, wasting more than $161 billion of food every year. Staggering numbers, we know, but luckily, there are very simple steps you can take to do your part to reduce this amount of food waste. Not only is reducing food waste a wonderful practice considering many people in our own communities are starving, but it can help you to save money, keep your home clean and perhaps even translate into healthier habits.

So, join me and Gloria Garcia during my Caliente Kitchen show, we will share 5 Tips to Reduce Food Waste.  Gloria Garcia is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and activist consumer. She runs a business promoting planet-friendly products that reduce food and plastic waste. Her website can be found at https://www.theplasticfree-store.com?. Use code stopfoodwaste20 to get a 20 % discount on purchases.

Want to see the recipe video for my featured recipe Yellow Lentil Soup? Check that out here.

yellow lentil soup recipe card

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