You Say Tomato…I Say Delicious!

You say TOMATO…

We say beautiful, bright, juicy heavenly bundles of goodness bursting with vitamins A and C for strong immune systems and healthy blood vessels. And phytochemicals too- like Lycopene, a hardcore free-radical fighter devoted to disease prevention. Not to mention flavor…this luscious lover of all summer meals begs to be cherished. Now is the time for the Tomato with summer here and in full swing. With a tomato, your edible options are endless:

  • Concentrate their sweetness by roasting them
  • Throw them in your salads, homemade pizzas, or omelets
  • Pop them into the blender for a quick soup or sauce

Or just grab the prettiest and freshest one you can get your fingers on, slice it and drizzle it with oils and herbs and vinegars at any time of day! Think of it as your little black dress…it goes with everything.

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