Why Are Dairy and Plants a Power Couple?

Today we’re talking about my two favorite food groups: Dairy and Plants. They are an absolute power couple!

I was challenged by my friend and colleague to make something out of two mystery ingredients! Apples and Cheese

So, with this mystery basket, I decided to make a salad. Apples, aside from providing great nutrition, they are also perfect for salads. They give a sweet and a delicious crunch in every bite. For the cheese I chose my beloved queso fresco made with cow’s milk. Soft, creamy and light flavor!

Dairy foods can help make plant-packed snacks or plates even better by adding nutrients, flavor, texture and satisfaction. Are you ready to see how to make my creation? In the video above, I show you how to make a Queso Fresco Chicken Apple Salad that is a perfect lunch to pack to take to the office or even to have as a nutritiously light dinner.

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