The New Dietary Guidelines Follow Eating Free’s Philosophy: Part II


The New 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans continues with section #3 & #4. Check out how the official guidelines continue to coincide with the Eating Free philosophy.

#3. Foods & Nutrients To Increase

The Dietary Guidelines discussed the importance of consuming various fruits and vegetables along with a diversity of whole grains in order to increase the intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Emphasis was placed on consuming at least half your grains from whole grain sources. In addition, low fat or fat free milk/dairy products and leaner types of proteins are a must. By consuming foods with these components, people will get more fiber, calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and iron.

Long live Eating Free! The Food component to the FREEQ emphasizes all of these guidelines. Eating Free goes above the 50% mark with the whole grain recommendation and prefers if people eat whole grains most days of the week. All our clients are recommended to consume at least 75% of their daily protein intakes from lean/very lean sources of protein. When people consume low fat or fat free milk/dairy products, they can increase their vitamin D and calcium status while consuming less fat. Consuming a rainbow of colors from fruits and vegetables over the course of the week (reds, greens, yellows, purples, etc) not only gives you a diversity of flavors, but the rainbow also provides you with various vitamins and minerals which can increase your overall health. With an emphasis on all these great choices of foods, one can really reach their nutritional and weight goals while living a healthy lifestyle. Check out that FREEQ to test your nutritional status today!

#4. Building Healthy Eating Patterns

The Dietary Guidelines recommended selecting healthy eating patterns with a focus on nutrient-dense foods to meet one’s needs while keeping track of your daily food and beverage intake. Need we say more? Eating Free’s philosophy is based on modifying one’s behaviors in order to make sustainable, lifestyle changes. We don’t provide diets, we provide meal plans people can live with. By adjusting our current patterns and habits through small changes and mini-goals, we can reach our long-term goals successfully and sustainably. The “R” for Renew in the FREEQ focuses on self-care, food record keeping, which monitors one’s intake, and pattern and habit development. Take a FREEQ today to see where you are at right now and which mini-changes you want to make in your current patterns and habits towards reaching your goals.

The Dietary Guidelines last chapter was titled, “Helping Americans Make Healthy Choices.” Eating Free is proud to say that we are joining in this movement to make America a healthier and enjoyable food nation. Emphasizing eating the foods you love that you prepared in your right portions and balance for you. Let’s keep the Eating Free movement going and make America enjoy eating freely.

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