The Best Weight Loss Friendly Nutritious Package Foods To Buy

I often get questions about the best food products to buy for weight loss and health and it’s not hard to see why: there are more products on the market than ever and, without proper guidance from a nutrition professional, it can be easy to get reeled in by clever marketing.

Clients often ask us: “what cereal should I buy?” and “what’s the best bread to buy.” The usual response is “stick to high protein and high fiber.” However, most people want to know EXACTLY what to look for as they are browsing the grocery store to make sure they are nailing their shopping. So, what we do with these clients is provide them a shopping list with the best brands. Today, we are going to share those brands with you.

So join myself and Sarah Koszyk, MA, RD, during my Caliente Kitchen Show to show you the best, bread, tortillas, pastas, pancake mix, yogurts, sausages, dressings and more that you can buy in major supermarkets.

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