Roasted Polenta with Beef Tomato Sauce in 25 minutes

Who doesn’t love Italian flavors? This week on Manuel’s Caliente Kitchen Show, I’m showing you how to roast polenta which is a dish native to to Italy. Every supermarket has polenta tubes and they are usually very affordable. Thus, this is what I used to make the roasted polenta in this recipe. I also demonstrate how to make the beef tomato sauce using lean ground beef and give some insight on how cooking with lean meat can not only be healthier for you, but also make your cooking faster and more simple. Finally, this dish uses canned tomato products which are not only affordable and convenient, but I talk about how they can provide much more potent nutrition than fresh tomatoes.

The ingredients in this dish awaken the 5th taste receptor on your tongue, umami, for a tasty meal that can hold up the entire week. That’s right, this meal is perfect for meal prep because it’s one of those dishes that just tastes better the next day.  I also love it because the entire dish is so economical, nutritious and very easy to make! If you’re one of those people who finds themselves taking forever in the kitchen to complete a dish, watch me give a tip on how to create multiple components of a meal more efficiently, so you don’t drive yourself crazy in the kitchen for longer than you have to!

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