3 Important Things Your Nutrition Bars Must Have

There are a lot nutrition bars on the market to choose from. Many are actually candy bars in disguise, loaded with artificial and unnecessary additives, or not friendly to those with certain allergies. Still, there are others that boast messaging of being “natural,” “vegan,” etc., which seemingly implies that they are the best. With all of this to keep in mind, how do you select the better nutrition bar?
Before recommending a bar to a client, I first look at the ingredients to make sure they are quality. Then, I check the protein content for signifiance. As a registered dietitian, I tell people that food comes first, but bars definitely can have their place in a busy lifestyle. If you simply can’t get access to actual food, some portable protein is better than nothing at all.  Something is better than nothing and bars with a good amount of protein can be great for hunger control. This is key considering that most of my clients are weight loss. However, having a bar handy as a protein source is essential for active individuals trying to put on muscle as well. Once the protein gets approval, you should then look at fiber content and the amount of added sugars.
I have found that ACE bars fit these standards appropriately. They are made from 100% whole food ingredients and contain 19 grams of protein. They are also low in sugar, corn syrup free and high in fiber, with 48% of the fiber coming from chicory root. Chicory root is high in inulin, which is an important prebiotic fiber found in many foods like bananas, apples, oats and barley among others that keep the gut healthy. Foods high in fiber and protein are also useful to keep you feeling full and satisfied.
Additionally, ACE bars are a breath of fresh air for those with allergies as they are gluten, grain, soy and nut free. There are a lot of nut allergies out there these days and gluten intolerances also seem to be on the rise. Unfortunately, many other bars, due to their additives or cross-contamination in production, contain gluten and nuts. This trend has a tendency to leave those with allergies with very few bar options, making ACE the perfect choice for allergy-friendly needs.
The best part? They’re also really delicious! Many people complain that protein bars are chalky or gummy in their flavor and texture. However, ACE bars can make you feel like you’re indulging during snack time without any guilt. ACE bars come in Brownie Batter, Peanut Butter Chip and Cookie Dough flavors.
Remember, bars are not meant to be meal replacements. If you have the opportunity to nourish yourself with whole food, I recommend you go that route instead of just choosing a bar for convenience. However, bars like ACE, especially those high in protein, can be great for when you’re traveling, before a workout or as a recovery tool after a workout.
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