Quinoa: Nutrition, Health Benefits, Cooking Tips and Recipes

During this segment you will learn everything you need to know about quinoa, from its powerful nutrition, health benefits to some great cooking tip and delicious recipes. I am also excited to share with you my delicious and easy to make recipe, Artichoke Quinoa with Roasted Butternut Squash Salad.

You do not want to miss this segment. Regarding its nutrition, we are going through some hard times due to of #covid19, and we must support our immune system with good nutrition and quinoa can help.

I will discuss the powerful nutrition and health benefits of quinoa and how it supports the immune system. I have partnered with the promotion agency of Peru, #PROMPERU #Sponsored #PeruSuperfoods to also give you some facts about quinoa such as why it is naturally organic and called “the mother of all seeds” in Peru.


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