Proper Hydration Helps You To Lose Fat

Since we’ve just come back from the weekend, it’s a good time to ask yourself, “Did I drink too much?  Eat too much?”

If you did, you’re probably dehydrated and don’t even realize it.  Proper hydration helps you to lose fat, to keep your metabolism running high, and to keep your muscles toned and your skin refreshed.

Keep water around you at all times.  Buy a container with markings on it that will let you know how much you’re drinking throughout the day.  Set an alert every few hours to remind yourself to drink water.  Keep a water bottle at your desk where you can see it.  Whatever it takes to keep you drinking fresh water all day—every day—do it!

The best way to see if you’re hydrating yourself adequately is to look at your output.  That’s right.  Your pee.  If it looks light, like lemonade, you’re probably drinking enough water.  If you look down and see something that looks more like iced tea, watch out!  You need more water.  Start drinking some immediately, and make sure that you’re getting at least eight glasses a day, minimum.

To Do Today:

  • If you don’t have water that’s tasty and refreshing to drink within easy reach—get some! Remember that purchase (and refilling) a reusable water bottle is much “greener” than buying and recycling water in disposable plastic bottles.  If your tap water doesn’t taste as good as you’d like it to, invest in a relatively inexpensive water filtration system such as Brita or Zuvo.

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