Post-Quarantine Virtual Weight Loss Classes

Did some extra pounds creep their way in during quarantine? You’re not alone! Pretty much all of us have fallen victim to the tempting snacks from boredom and eating from stress. Not to worry, though, Manuel has decided to develop a course designed specifically to help you manage your weight post-quarantine with my Post-Quarantine Weight Loss Virtual Classes

These series of classes include four trainings. Each class builds on the previous class discussing topics ranging from hunger control, fighting inflammation, meal planning (including your very own meal plan),  managing stress eating to other factors affecting weight loss.

Each class is focused on a particular subject and modeled after the nutrition program created by Manuel Villacorta at his San Francisco office, MV Nutrition. 

Manuel Villacorta is the founder of MV Nutrition.  MV Nutrition has not only helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals, but also has an 84% success rate of helping clients keep the weight off, one year after the program has completed. MV nutrition has also been rewarded by the San Francisco Chronicle and ABC 7 as the best nutrition clinic in the bay area. 

This is not just a support group, but also an opportunity to learn from others’ success stories and setbacks. Learning with peers that have the same goals as yourself can be instrumental to your learning, success with weight loss, motivation to meet your goals and knowing you have support and accountability.

You will receive:

  • Four (4) 45-minute live video classes (descriptions below) with Q&A time
  • 7-day sample meal plan (easy and delicious recipes plus shopping list)
  • 3 shopping lists of recommended foods for mainstream supermarkets
  • Access to the “7 Biggest Secrets to Weight Loss” video
  • Free, 3-month access to The Whole Body Reboot App (IOS) and online tools to track your intake. This app tracks food, not calories, ensuring that you lose weight and control hunger while also getting all of the nutrients you need.
  • A metabolism calculation using the Whole Body Reboot App that determines how much energy you burn which helps us build a customized eating guideline plan for you.
  • Review how and when to take measurements of weight and waist circumference to track your progress

These classes will take place each Thursday at 6pm starting on July 30th. Descriptions of the class are as follows:

Class #1: How to Manage Your Hunger Hormones and Eating Principles You Must Follow

Hunger is one of the major driving forces that can either work with you or against you during your weight loss endeavor. What most people don’t realize is that hunger needs to be understood and managed in order to gain results. Manuel will also go into detail on the role that several hunger hormones, such as ghrelin, leptin and insulin in regards to weight management, and how you can control the unnecessary spikes. This in-depth class will allow you to understand your hunger patterns and overcome several barriers that many people face. You will learn the best eating principles for sustainable weight loss.  By the end of the class, you will understand the importance of food combinations, frequency of meals and snacks, and have a clear understanding of the distribution of proteins and carbohydrates throughout the day. This will allow you to lose weight and provide you with sustainable energy. Finally, we will go over the Ageless Reboot plan for those who were lucky enough to gain access to it. 

Class #2: Navigating Your Meal Plan

In this class, I will be providing a 7-day meal plan for women and men with recipes and shopping lists. The recipes are easy to make, not overly complicated and, most importantly, delicious. Starting a new plan can be overwhelming for anyone, especially when you do not have the proper tools to help you along. In this class, Manuel will guide you and go into a detailed explanation of sample meal plan describing how you should use your meal plan with the recipes for successful results. By the end of this class, you will understand your meal plan structure and how to balance your meals throughout the day to provide lasting and sustainable energy. 

BONUS: Get your individualized eating guidelines based on your macronutrient distribution (percentages of carbohydrates, protein and fat) with free access to the Whole Body Reboot App on IOS or online at

Class #3: How to Fight Inflammation and Improve Your Health

Chronic inflammation is the culprit of many chronic diseases. If this inflammation is not controlled, it can cause damage to the body’s organs and tissues without you knowing or feeling it. Not only does this put you at risk for conditions such as heart disease, insulin resistance and diabetes, but it can also make it much harder to lose weight. Manuel will go over the foods that fight or prevent inflammation to improve your health and manage your weight. By the end of the class, you will understand the causes of inflammation and how to fight it, the importance of certain foods and have a clear understanding of how to control your weight and keep your body healthy.

Class #4: De-Stress to Manage Weight: How Stress Affects and How to Manage It Through Food

Stress is poisonous to your body and your overall health. It can increase visceral fat that sticks to your waistline, change your mood, and your hunger levels, which in turn can alter eating habits.  In this class, Manuel will discuss how stress releases cortisol, which can have damaging effects. He will offer solutions and other helpful tips on how to eat while under stress and highlight the importance of sleep, as well as how to reduce cortisol. He will also point out the benefits of eating anti-inflammatory foods to counteract any negative effects, while also adding anti-aging and immune-boosting strength. By the end of the class, you will recognize that your hunger is due to emotions that are affected by stress. You will also learn several techniques to avoid stress eating. Lastly, you will learn about certain types of food to eat for dopamine and serotonin production, in order to have a more relaxed day.

BONUS: The Revolution Reboot Plan

For the first 20 people who register, you will receive the Revolution Reboot Plan. Featured on international television and national magazines including Natural Solutions, Women’s World and Beverly Hills Times, this plan has helped thousands of people get a jump start on their weight loss goals. The smoothies are balanced meal replacements with anti-inflammatory fats, fruits and vegetables. No worries, though, you’ll also be eating solid foods which are included in the plan. These smoothies are super easy to make and clients of MV Nutrition have responded very well to the smoothie plan, on average losing between 5-8 pounds within the five days. 

REFERRAL BONUS: The 50 Snack Ideas eBook

Bored of baby carrots and apple slices? If you refer a friend who signs up for the Post-Quarantine Weight Loss Virtual Classes, you will receive the 50 Snack Ideas eBook. This eBook is a priceless resource for those looking for some exciting new ideas for snacks to have on the go, in the office, at home or wherever you may be to control hunger and keep your metabolism running. Don’t forget to tell your friend to mention your name!

The current price will go up after July 24th at midnight, so do not delay! Take the steps to get back on track with your health and weight today.

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