Planning For Foods You Enjoy

Today was a rousing success. Despite the fact that my salad at lunch was basically a chili burrito minus the tortilla.. I rocked it tonight.

Earlier today:
1) Took a turkey sandwich picnic lunch & stuck it in my fridge
2) Tossed the pre-dressed salad, bread & cheese
3) Kept the turkey and the apple 

1) Ordered a caesar salad (dressing on the side)
2) Will eat lunch-picnic turkey and 1/2 of a roll that room service sends up with every meal


I had the meal planner, my allowances AND the room service menu in front of me and made the decision on what to order WITH all the information in front of me.

How did I not make a bad choice tonight and blow my total calories (I did blow my fat allowance)? I acknowledged at the beginning of the day that I’d be having some fun, and that dinner tonight would be thin.  I planned for fun, and as a result, I also planned for success.

 Lesson: just because I want to have a little fun doesn’t mean I have to blow  myself up in the process.  I think I am finally finding balance in allowing myself enjoyment without going on a bender of some sort. That’s something that’s never been possible until now.


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