Peruvian Power Foods: Carrot, Pichuberry and Sachi Inchi Seed Superfood Salad

I always love improving upon old classics by adding a Peruvian powerfood twist!  This recipe is a variation on the classic carrot-raisin “bunny salad.”  Not only is it colorful, but it’s also fun to eat given its mixture of textures and flavors.  The sweetness of the carrots goes nicely with the tart dried pichuberries and nutty sacha inchi seeds.  Besides being a favorite of children and adults alike, it’s easy to prepare!

Carrot, Pichuberry and Sacha Inchi Seed Salad

Makes 3 cups


2 cups grated carrots

½ cup dried pichuberries, halved

½ cup Greek yogurt, plain 2%

Juice of ½ a lime

Pinch salt

Sacha inchi seeds for garnish


Cheese grater

Medium mixing bowl

Rubber spatula

Sharpe knife

Cutting board


Place all ingredients except to sacha inchi seeds in a medium bowl and mix to combine.  Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving.  Sprinkle with sacha inchi seeds for garnish.

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