Peruvian Cacao: The Ultimate Cacao for Chocolate Lovers

Today we will be talking all about a Peruvian superfood: Cacao.

I have partnered with the promotion agency of Peru, PROMPERU to discuss the Peruvian Cacao.  I am also excited to share with you some ways to enjoy Cacao!

What is Cacao?

Cacao is the minimally processed form of chocolate that is robust in flavor and maintains all the impressive nutrients that make it a superfood. It comes directly from the cacao tree, which fruits colorful pods that are filled with large cacao seeds, called cacao beans. When these beans are naturally fermented, roasted at low temperatures and cold-pressed then?cacao powder and cacao seeds?are the result.

Peru focusses and promotes traditional cultivation and harvest techniques, organic soil management, organic cultivation, and product and process administration.?So next time you buy cacao or chocolate, make sure it comes from Peru.

This plant is not only close to my heart because it is native to my homeland, but is also one of my favorite things to nibble on when I’m feeling a sweet tooth coming on.

So now are you ready for the cacao recipes? Check out the video above!

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