New Year’s Eve Party Survival Strategies

New Year’s Eve is finally here!  Have a safe and fun night.  But remember that we’ve already indulged a lot since Thanksgiving, so practice moderation tonight and don’t forget the simple guidelines I’ve given you over these past few weeks: 

  • Eat breakfast today (and every day) within one hour of getting up
  • Have healthy snacks on hand to keep your hunger satisfied and to prevent overeating
  • Eat a light meal before attending any festivities to avoid overdoing it
  • Practice portion control and moderation—it’s about quality, not quantity!
  • Suggest bringing your own dish to a party to cut down on fat and calories
  • If you’re having the party at your place, make sure each guest goes home with plenty of goodies—share to lose weight! 
  • Remember the basics, and use today to review any videos that you think may help you stay motivated and informed

Moderation is key, especially tonight, when many of us will be headed out to celebrate the upcoming year.  If you’re going out tonight, remember that one serving of alcohol equals one 12-ounce regular beer, five ounces of wine, or one-and-a-half ounces of hard liquor.  Watch out, because many bars and restaurants will serve you more than one serving of alcohol in a drink. 

Still, there are ways to keep the calories down while enjoying a few drinks tonight.  If possible, stick to wine, champagne, or mixed drinks made with tonic or water (as opposed to juice or sugary sodas).  Sweet and fruity cocktails are packed with calories on top of those you’re already taking in by drinking the alcohol.

If fruity cocktails are all you drink, add lots of ice, which will displace some of the liquid, giving you less to drink with the illusion of more.  Also, keep water handy to stay hydrated.  This will prevent you from using alcoholic drinks to quench your thirst.

To Do Today:

Have a safe New Year’s Eve, enjoy some time with friends and family, and have some fun.  Make it a memorable night!  Take it easy today, and we’ll start tomorrow right!

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