Lose Weight By Talking To Your Hands

When out and about and you are not sure about your serving sizes then “Talk to Your Hand” to figure out your serving sizes.

As a general rule:

1. Fist (1 cup): Use your fist to judge two servings of cooked pasta, rice or any other grain.

2. Palm (3 oz to 6oz): Use your palm to judge the size of meat. Small palms measure about 3-4 oz and bigger
palms about 5 to 6 oz.

3. Thumb (1 tsp): Use the tip of your thumb to measure a pat of butter. Use the length from the knuckle of
your thumb to its tip to judge a serving of salad dressing (1Tbsp).

4. Three fingers (4 fl. oz): Hold a wine glass from the stem while placing three fingers horizontally along
the side. This is approximately one serving of wine.

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