Leftovers Fried Rice Party

Fried rice is one of those recipes that not only is delicious and easy to make, but is also a recipe that will allow you to get creative in your cooking.

Of course, nothing beats traditional fried rice, but this time we will show you many creations of fried rice using ingredients/leftovers that can be used to make fried rice. For this segment, my colleague Elaine Magee is visiting us straight from her kitchen for a fried rice party! Elaine is the author of 25 books and recently started her own Instagram @therecipedoctor to help people find the happy place between Delicious, Easy, and Healthful! She was recently named one of 10 dietitians “making a difference” by Todays Dietitian.

She will be sharing with us her Pineapple Pork Fried Rice recipe made with leftovers from the week. Want to know how to turn your leftovers into a delicious comfort food dish? Check out the video above!

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