Kevin’s Eating Free Succes Story

“I Lost 185 lb with Eating Free and coaching”

I have struggled for many years with depression. One of the side effects can be weight gain. I used food as a comfort tool to escape from life, like many people use alcohol or drugs. I have used so many different programs out there from Weight Watchers to restricting calories to the extreme. Yes, I lost weight but soon enough I would gain all the weight back and more. Over a year and half ago after making some great strides in my personal life, I met with a friend who I asked how he had lost 95 pounds.  He recommended Manuel Villacorta and his Eating Free program.

What was so different about Manuel’s program? First and foremost, I learned that food is not evil. We all have to eat to survive. So how does one make the transition? By using the tools developed on the Eating Free program. I learned about how important is to sleep, and to relax about my weight loss. I was 412 pounds and the thought of exercising vigorously was not appealing but Eating Free taught me that it is about my food and not so much how much I exercise.  I walked as my exercise for the first 4 months. Now I am going to the gym, lifting weights, doing Cardio and I am doing it for my health.  I know how to manage my food to control my weight.

I knew that if I was only able to eat grapefruit on some sort of “diet” that I was doomed to failure. There is more to life that eating just one kind of food. By using his plan I learned that I can make better choices. The tools offered on the website have been great. The online tracking system helps me by showing exactly how much I’ve eaten along with what kinds of foods I need to stay healthy. The weekly average breaks down how much in each food group. The freebies are fabulous. Manuel’s system makes it so easy!

What kind of results can you get with Eating Free? I have dropped 185 pounds. My confidence has returned. I am no longer taking pain medicine for my back. I am stronger physically and emotionally. And my relationship with food has changed. I’ve learned a better way of living. I could not have done it without Manuel and his Eating Free program.

Thank you Manuel, for giving me a new life.

Kevin, Age 48, Writer, lost 185 pounds

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