Josey’s 5 Myths He Busted to Get a 6-Pack

I have another incredible client’s success story to share from my virtual practice…

Josey is living proof that big changes can be made (and a ton of time and money can be saved) when you trust a nutrition professional instead of overwhelming oneself with nutrition misinformation online or information from a self-proclaimed “nutritionist.”

He was referred to me by a sports dietitian to lose body fat back in June 2020. When we met, Josey was very confused. Well-intentioned, he had done a lot of online research to supplement his heavy exercise with good nutrition to lose body fat. However, he felt starved, was exercising like crazy and not eating enough carbohydrates. Despite putting himself through all of that pain, he still could not reach his goals.

Unlike many of my clients, obstacles like emotional/stress eating were not a problem for him, but he was just very confused about the conflicting nutrition information online, especially those on fitness websites. Eventually, I managed to work with him on changing habits such as eating more carbohydrates again and doing all of the things most “fitness gurus” tell you not to do. By busting these myths, he was finally able to reach his goals and was blown away by the fact that he could get a 6-pack from not only eating carbs, but not starving himself and working out to exhaustion.

The best part? We accomplished all of this virtually! So, today, Josey is going to share with you the top 5 myths he managed to bust in order to reach his goal of finally getting the 6-pack he wanted.

Check out the video above to find out how he did it!

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