Instant Pot Recipe: Chicken in White Wine with Spinach & Mushrooms

Chicken breasts are a well-known lean protein that can be a great addition to a health/weight loss eating plan. They are low in saturated fat, high in quality protein and super versatile for recipes. However, the usual boiling, baking and grilling cooking methods have been done to death and, honestly, who wants another boring and bland chicken breast recipe?

Never fear because I have an Instant Pot recipe for you that will have dinner done in just 8 minutes. Yes, you read that right, only 8 minutes! This Chicken in White Wine with Spinach & Mushrooms recipe is perfect for helping you to reach your health goals in a mouthwatering way. You can serve it with your favorite healthy carbohydrate like roasted potatoes, brown rice, quinoa or high-protein/high-fiber pasta.

Don’t have an Instant Pot? No worries! I have an alternative for you that I’ll discuss in this week’s episode of Manuel’s Caliente Kitchen.

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