Ice Cream? Artic Zero The New Kid On The Block

arctic zero

Arctic Zero … Is it ice cream? Frozen yogurt? I’ll leave it to your imagination!

I’ve been hearing about Arctic Zero from a few of my clients and I had to go out and try it. It is only 150 calories per pint, making it perfect for those who love bulk!

So I had my first Arctic Zero – Coffee flavor. They were out of all other flavors, and it’s no wonder why because coffee was not my favorite. I wanted to try another flavor, so I bought chocolate the next day. It was better than the coffee flavor.

What I love about ice cream is the creaminess and texture of it. I was slightly disappointed with the mouth feel of Arctic Zero. However, I learned if it is melted a little and whipped it gets slightly creamier and more enjoyable. But remember, this is only my opinion.

At any rate, it is mainly water, whey protein and a variety of gums to glue it together. If frozen yogurt is your thing Arctic Zero could be a great option for you. I’ve heard from other people that chocolate peanut butter is great, so that is going to be the next one I try.

No matter the calorie amount of a food, no matter how fat free a food is and no matter if it is gluten free or not, food should always be eaten mindfully.

I am always going to be an ice cream lover, so I will continue to eat it while practicing smart portion control.

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