How to Set Goals For Your Mind, Body, and Heart

Use these three key tips to set goals for your mind, body, and heart that you can stick with for many years to come.

2023 is HERE. And you’re probably thinking, how can I finally feel more energized, lose weight, and make this year better than the others? As a dietitian with over 20 years of experience, I’m here to make you approach all of this a little differently.

I’ve partnered with Enhanced Omega-3 to share three must-know tips about how to reach your true health potential with your mind, body and heart in 2023.

3 Tips for Goal Setting

To start, the first thing is to think of your health goals in a way that isn’t just about weight. Your mind, body and heart all have to be in sync. It’s too easy to slip away from the intentions we set on January 1 without the right motivation or tools. So let’s talk about ways to change that.

When it comes to your health, 80% of it is nutrition. And no this isn’t just for your physical appearance! It’s for what goes on inside as well. So here are elements to consider before finalizing your new goals.

Tip #1 is focused on your brain.

Did you know that omega-3 fatty acids, the good kind of fat, play an important role in brain health? They can reduce inflammation to help brain cells speak better to each other. Plus, there is promising research also looking at the positive impact of omega-3s on mood.

EO3 provides 1600mg of omega-3s per ready-to-drink serving, so you never have to second guess if you’re getting enough omega-3s to support your brain health.

Tip #2 is focused on your body and weight.

Instead of just paying attention to the numbers on the scale, it’s equally as important to reduce visceral fat, the fat around your midsection, and to promote lean body mass. Visceral fat is pro-inflammatory and is tied to many health risks.

The main focus for both of these is to eat more protein. Protein can help you feel fuller for longer, while also promoting muscle growth and maintenance.

This is where I absolutely love including EO3 because it has 20g of high-quality protein per shake. Plus, it can serve as a great meal replacement paired with a piece of fruit. Talk about convenience!

Tip #3 brings it full circle back to what keeps you going each day – your heart.

Your heart is at the center of everything you do. Focusing on healthy fats and antioxidants is key for heart health. EO3 contains high antioxidant levels, and exceeds your daily omega-3 needs.

Then, remember there’s the other 20% to consider outside of nutrition. A big portion of this is staying active! Your heart is a muscle after all, so keep it fit and healthy with a routine of both strength and cardio exercises.

Narrow Your Focus for Success

These tips will help you from the inside out. So to summarize, make a goal to:

  • Focus on the quality and composition of your meals rather than what you need to avoid, and
  • Find an exercise routine you’ll enjoy and stay with for the long term

You will not only see the changes in your weight and physique, but also in how you feel day to day. Your heart, body, and mind will all thank you.

Use my code MANUEL10 to get 10% off your order at Enhanced EO3 to incorporate EO3 into your 2023 routine.

Happy New Year and happy goal setting!

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