How to Prevent Holiday Overeating with EO3

When it’s time for all of the holiday parties, I don’t want you to be stressed about how much or what you can eat. So here are three key tips to prevent overeating.

I’m about to tell you something that you wouldn’t expect a Registered Dietitian to share. And it may surprise you. But this is so important for you to understand in order to fully enjoy the holidays. Drum roll please……My secret is to actually eat that slice of pie that catches your eye during holiday gatherings!

Yes, you heard that right. Because let’s be realistic. People eat pie, I’m going to eat pie. And no one should have to feel guilty about that. I absolutely LOVE pie. And during the holidays I eat more pie than most of the rest of the year.

So I have partnered with Enhanced Omega-3 to share three must-know tips about how to prevent holiday overeating. For 10% off your EO3 use code Manuel10.

3 Tips to Prevent Holiday Overeating

You’re going to be invited to holiday parties with a lot of foods that are hard to resist. And no one should tell you not to eat those foods, especially me.

Instead, I want you to enjoy the pie, and follow these 3 tips so you don’t overeat and can actually enjoy any event you’re invited to.

Tip #1: Don’t Save Calories for the Evening

Instead of “saving calories” for the evening, eat as you normally would throughout the day. If you don’t, this can easily backfire. Your blood glucose will drop during the day and you’ll be ravenous for anything you can get your hands on. This typically leads to overeating and guilt for not having enough control.

Tip #2: Eat Something with Protein 30 Minutes Before the Party

Eating something that contains protein about 30 minutes before going to the party is crucial! This will help control your hunger so you pace yourself more throughout the evening. This is where ready-to-drink smoothie EO3 can be helpful since it contains 20g of protein per carton. You can even pour it into a fun holiday glass and enjoy it as you’re getting ready for your event!

Tip #3: Add in Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The final key tip is to focus on incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into the mix. This includes foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish. EO3 can come to the rescue once again here since it contains omega-3s and antioxidants that can help fight inflammation.

Many foods during the holidays are high in sugar and fat, which are both pro-inflammatory. So, do your best to balance everything out by remembering to put the foods above on your plate at some point!

Final Thoughts About Holiday Eating

So now do you see why I say you should eat the pie? It really isn’t about the pie, it’s about all of your choices and actions before the pie is even served. It’s time to get away from an all-or-nothing mentality and find the balance that works for you!

Use my code MANUEL10 to get 10% off your order at Drink EO3 to try this incredible ready-to-drink omega-3 smoothie this holiday season!

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