How to Make the Best Peruvian Style Rice

Click edit button to change this text.It is September which also means it’s National Fruits & Veggies Month! Let’s have a plant party celebrating our favorite fruits and veggies of all kinds, fresh, frozen, can, dry and 100% fruit juice.

People are craving togetherness and unity and food can be a great way to catalyze that. We are celebrating the diverse ways we uniquely enjoy foods across the nation and improving public health for all Americans. People look to food for comfort, including favorite flavors that evoke special memories and that speak to our unique backgrounds and hometowns.

For this reason, I am going to share a special dish that uses a lot of colorful vegetables and that is a comfort food to me. One of the first dishes that I learned to cook when I moves the USA: Arroz Con Pollo.

Check out the video above for the recipe demonstration!


peruvian style rice

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