How to Make Lite Orange Chicken

I’m sure I don’t speak for myself when I say I love Chinese food. It hits the spot no matter what kind of day you’re having. However, usually when you go out for Chinese food, it comes to you extremely breaded, cooked in lots of oil and soaked in super sugary sauces. So, I wanted to share with you a light version of orange chicken, so you can enjoy a less-caloric version of Chinese food at home without having to wait for the delivery to arrive!

This recipe is particularly fun to make because I’m not using any packages, but I’m going to show you how to make everything from scratch — even the orange sauce! How in the world can we make such a classic Chinese dish light? Check out the recipe video for the demonstration where I teach you tricks such as using Panko, so that you don’t have to overwhelm the dish with flour. I also include other delicious ingredients that give this dish flavors so mouthwatering your whole family will love you for it.

Ready to get started? This recipe only took me about 10 minutes to prepare and I walk you through just how to do it from beginning to end. Check out the video for the full list of ingredients and other helpful tips.

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