How To Make A Low Calorie and Tasty Salmon Cake

Salmon is not only a delicious piece of seafood, but comes with a host of health and nutrition benefits. It’s common knowledge how good salmon is for you as it is a cornerstone of nutritious eating, however, many people pass on it in the grocery store as they assume their salmon needs to come fresh-cut in a filet.

Salmon is one of those fishes you can buy canned or even in a pouch and still enjoy its good flavor and nutrition. I always recommend having canned salmon in your pantry for recipes like this one. These salmon cakes can be eaten for breakfast, over salads, as a snack, or paired with your favorite whole grain.

One of the biggest benefits of salmon is it is one of few good sources of Omega-3s. Omega-3s are an essential nutrient meaning that we cannot create it in our bodies on our own and must get it from food in order to survive. We’ve written here in the past about all of the wonderful health benefits of Omega-3s, including their role in heart health, fighting chronic inflammation, brain health and even athletic performance.

So, in this episode of my Caliente Kitchen, I’m going to show you an easy and affordable way to get your Omega-3s in with these delicious salmon cakes.

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