How to Hydrate with Green Tea for Power

We’ve all heard of the typical recommendation for how much water we’re supposed to drink a day: eight 8-ounce glasses. That equals about a half a gallon of fluids per day. This number is even higher if you’re physically active, of older age or male versus a female. Now, that does sound like a lot of fluid to get in, but there are lots of ways to stay hydrated other than water, one of them being tea.


When consumed without sugar, honey or milk, unsweetened tea has zero calories. It’s a more flavorful, no-calorie way to meet your daily fluid needs.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Hold on. Isn’t tea dehydrating? This actually isn’t true. Tea is 99.5% water, making it just as hydrating and refreshing as water. If caffeine is the reason you’re concerned, you should know that the level of caffeine in a typical serving of tea has little to no diuretic effect. The best part is, tea offers more to keep your body feeling great than water or hydration. It also contains flavonoids which may help keep your heart healthy. Lipton® 100% Natural Pure Green Tea contains about 150 mg flavonoids per serving. A daily intake of at least 400 mg flavonoids may help maintain a healthy heart as part of a healthy diet.


Here are three ways to incorporate Lipton® tea into your day to stay hydrated:


  1. Portable: Fill your water bottle or thermos with iced or hot tea that you can enjoy all day long. Stay refreshed in warm weather or during physical activity with revitalizing, cool Lipton® iced tea. You also have the option to keep warm with a thermos full of hot herbal tea you can carry anywhere you go.


  1. Refuel: You can stay hydrated and refuel after a workout by incorporating Lipton® green tea into your post-workout shake. Try making a shake using Lipton® green tea then add some berries, mango, carrots, Greek yogurt and chia seeds. This creates a shake with enough protein to help your muscles recover and fluids to replace the fluids lost through sweat.


  1. Make tea your companion! Choose from a variety of Lipton® teas to switch it up with depending on the time of day, so you can keep your tea consumption exciting! Start your day with a cup of Lipton® Extra Bold Premium Black Tea in the morning to get you going. For an afternoon pick-me-up, make yourself a refreshing cup of Lipton® 100% Natural Pure Green Tea. And to finish off the evening, settle in and relax with a caffeine-free cup of herbal tea before bed.

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