How I Helped Claire Better Manage Her Diabetes

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Most clients that come to me are seeking weight loss, but there are others that are looking for solutions that are far more urgent — like their longevity. My client Claire wanted me to share her story with all of you.

Claire is a 40-year-old, type 2 diabetic who, yes, wanted to lose weight, but she also wanted to better manage her diabetes to become healthier. Another goal of hers was to get off of her insulin. For starters, she had a hemoglobic a1c of 9.5. For those who aren’t familiar, an a1c is a measurement of how much sugar is circulating in your blood and sticking to your blood cells. We generally want our a1c to be 5.4 or below because, the higher your a1c is, the thicker your blood and the worse your health becomes. Claire’s blood at the time she came to me was like honey. She was also taking 62 units of insulin per day.

Finally, Claire was experiencing something that even non-diabetics experience, but can lead to diabetes — insulin resistance. I have already made videos and other content about what insulin resistance is if you would like to know more details. For now, to put it briefly, insulin resistance occurs when there is an excess amount of fat on the body and it causes the body to “resist” the effects of insulin which means blood sugar cannot get where it needs to go and simply builds up in your blood. This condition makes it very difficult to lose weight without professional guidance.

Well, after just 5 months of working with me virtually, she achieved astounding progress in lowering her numbers for health. Not only did she lose 40 pounds, but her hemoglobin a1c went from 9.5 all the way down to 6.2. In addition to that, she was able to reduce her insulin units from 62 down to 18…all in just 5 months of virtual sessions!

Due to the customized diet we were able to build for her, her disease state and her lifestyle, she is now eating what she wants, keeping her weight off and aiming towards her goal of getting off of her insulin. Being able to help Claire experience all of these improvements in her health with nothing but diet changes has been nothing short of amazing. Helping people lose weight is always rewarding, but it’s even moreso when I can help people manage their chronic diseases, get healthier and live longer lives.

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