Freecipe: Low Calorie Spinach Dip

1 package frozen Chopped Spinach
1 can Water chestnuts
4 Green Onions
1 1/2 cups Nonfat Greek Yogurt
1 1/2 cups Nonfat Sour Cream
1 package Vegetable Soup Mix
Dash of Salt
Dash of Pepper

Defrost spinach and drain by putting it in a colander, using a cloth or paper towel, and pressing out all excess water/liquid. Open can of water chestnuts, drain and chop. Wash green onions and chop finely.

In a bowl, add yogurt, sour cream, spinach, water chestnuts, green onions, soup mix, salt, and pepper. Let chill for at least 30 minutes (preferably 2 hours).

Serve with bread, chopped vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, celery, etc), crackers, or as a spread on a sandwich.

Yield: 20 servings (1/4 cup per serving)

Freebies: VLM 1, NFM 0.75

Calories 36 (2.5% from fat); Fat 0.1g (sat 0g); Protein 7g; Carb 6g ; Fiber 0.5g; Cholesterol 1.7mg; Potassium 33mg; Sodium 265mg; Calcium 36mg

Recipe by: Sarah Koszyk, MA, RD

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