Denise’s Eating Free Success Story

“I lost 32 pounds with Eating Free’s coaching  and I am a true size six without undergarment tricks!”

I am 5’6” with a medium frame and my ideal weight should be between 130 to 149. Before I became I client of Eating Free I weight 175 lbs and was a size twelve. I would never leave the house without wearing hot, constricting, uncomfortable and expensive under garments. I was fooling myself into thinking that I wasn’t that big. The sad part was earlier that same year I hit my “uh-oh” weight of 182. I tried to lose more weight on my own but was unsuccessful. I did join a high-tech gym and lost a few pounds. However, I cheated at the gym by holding onto the elliptical machine and I did push myself very hard. I still had poor eating habits and the foods I was eating had very little nutritional value. I was eating a ton of cheese, butter, mystery calorie take-out Vietnamese food, frozen pepperoni pizzas, chocolate ice cream bars, and drinking champagne.  I also loved to cook, but never measured how much olive oil, butter and cheese I was adding into my meals.

When I decided to call Eating Free, my registered dietitian, Sarah Koszyk, helped me realize the choices I was making were mine. Sarah helped me decide to make healthy choices without feeling deprived. She gave me great suggestions in changing my meals to include a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables, and she encouraged me to try ones that I had never tried before. Who knew that I would love fennel? In addition to the bi-monthly half-hour counseling sessions I became extremely diligent in filling out my daily on-line food record. Eating Free has an amazing website that is customized to your weight loss plan. It includes how many servings of carbohydrates, how much lean protein, fats, fruits and vegetables you need each day and tells you what you have left to eat or if you have gone over in your portion allotment. This was a very important tool that helped me stay on track and kept me honest about what I was eating. Plus it has an activity feature that shows you which types of exercises burns the most calories. I really started to understand the consequences of unhealthy choices I would sometimes make.

During my weight loss journey I learned how to eat and cook healthy, flavorful meals that are filling and very satisfying. Sarah also helped me discover my own unique exercise routine that I truly enjoy and have incorporated it into my daily life.  I have become a dance student at ODC’s Rhythm and Motion’s fusion rhythm class which I take three times a week. This class is a high energy aerobic dance workout and students learn real dance moves that range from modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian. It’s amazing! I also attend classes at the Bar Method three times a week.

Thanks to Eating Free for helping me reach and maintain my weight loss goal. I encourage anyone who’s been on the fence with seeing a nutritionist to call eating Free to get healthy and stay healthy! My life is forever changed and I am so grateful for this experience!

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