Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 24

My new two-man play, the biggest and most ambitious writing and performance endeavor of my life, closed this weekend.  Among the many “gifts” this show gave me was some upper back pain from the scene where the two main characters, both played by me, finally meet in the second-to-last scene. The two find themselves tied to each other up against a pillar. So the gag involves me rotating around the back side of the pillar, rapidly switching back and forth between the two characters, with my arms wound tightly behind my back.

In short: Ow. Each night and day after the show I was sore.  But of course I told Billy @ Diakadi about it and he instantly came up with a stretch for me to alleviate the pain.  Chalk up one more point for the case for having a personal trainer, people! Not just for your in-gym needs, Billy’s always got feedback about all my little day-to-day pains (which I’m always happy to “overshare” with him.) “My neck hurts, I slept funny.” “Try this stretch.” “I did a ton of walking, and now my calves hurt here.” “Try this.” It’s awesome.

Speaking of walking, I did a ton this week.  My friend Angie and I enjoyed a nice walk in the  Cow Hollow/Marina area, and my friend Darrell walked me home from work.  I walked home from the gym on Thursday and walked to the gym on Saturday.  Walking everywhere just gets easier with every pound that comes off. I’m going to try to walk even more in September and October before the rainy season starts. (I guess they call it “winter” here, but I grew up in New Hampshire so I refuse to acknowledge a few showers and daytime temps in the high forties as “winter.”)

Speaking of weather, I’m off to London later this week on holiday. Last year I spent seven days there in August with NO RAIN, which was statistically very unlikely.  If the ten day forecast is to be believed, I may be up for a 90% dry holiday, this year, too.

And I’ll be bringing my newest “wave” of new clothes with me. Yes, that’s right, as of this week I’ve officially out-shrunk my new clothes from May and now I’m wearing jeans that are 8 inches (four sizes) smaller than I was wearing in March.  And my shirts and underwear are down another size range from May, as well.  Last weekend I finally stopped talking about donating my old clothes and I finally did it; I brought 11 pairs of pants, 37 shirts, and 2 jackets to a donation site. Felt great!

Clear skies ahead, indeed.

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