Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 23

The rate at which I’m losing weight seems to be picking up.  I lost more weight in July than I did in March, April, May or June.  In fact, I’ve lost about 17 pounds in the past four weeks, which is kinda crazy if you think about it.  At this point I’ve lost about 58.5 pounds since March 2nd.

But I’m trying to not get too attached to the numbers.  Just because I’m enjoying a lot of weight loss right now, doesn’t mean this pace will continue.  In April and May, my weight would drop by nine pounds one week, then go up by six the next week, then drop by ten the next week, and go up by four the week after that.  It was frustrating, but a valuable lesson was learned: the numbers only mean something when you step back and look at the trend.  The individual data points are almost nonsensical and arbitrary on their own, but together they paint a portrait of a rapidly shrinking fat guy.

In other news, my grandmother died today.  She would have turned 90 later this month.  She is in a better place now; her age and declining health in the past few years had really worn her out and she was in quite a bit of pain in her final months.  I don’t believe I’m going to be able to make it to the funeral in New Hampshire on Thursday and this also means my parents will be canceling their visit to San Francisco later this week.  They were coming to see my show and I’d hoped to surprise them with my nearly 60 pounds of weight loss.  (I’d been keeping it a secret from them to surprise them this weekend, and I guess my elderly parents aren’t really savvy enough to google me and find this blog.)  I think I’m going to tell them over the phone this week.  At this point, since I’m not sure when I’ll see them next, it’s starting to feel ridiculous that I’ve been keeping such a big secret from them for so long.  And I suppose my parents could use some good news this week.  We’ll see…

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