Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 20

I’m nearly 48 pounds down now.  A few people have commented that I’m “swimming” in some of my clothes.  This is because I have so few clothes that are the right size, that I still wear items (shirts, in particular) that are too large for me.  And while this is not a problem amongst friends and co-workers who know I am losing weight, I feel a little odd when I meet strangers for the first time wearing clothes that are too big.  “No, I’m not Casper the Friendly Ghost; there’s actually a person under this large white T-shirt…”  So I’m starting to phase the largest stuff out.

Apparently I can’t buy new, smaller clothes fast enough.  My new jeans (four inches smaller) that I got in May are now too large (they’ve just started falling off when not belted).  Actually, they’re falling off even WITH the belt.  Yeah, my new belt is already worthless.   And Thank God for wash-n-fold; now that I do four extra changes of clothing per week (because i go to the gym four times a week) I am doing laundry all the time, because I simply don’t have enough clothes.  It’s going to be even worse when I go down one more shirt size, because right now I have NO shirts one size down, and there’s no way I’m going to buy a dozen just to get me through a week, because in two or three months, those shirts will be too large.

Even my gym clothes are too large.  And my socks.  SOCKS, people.  Who would have thought?  I guess my old calves stretched out my socks too much, because now they won’t stay up.

No one said losing this much weight would be so STRESSFUL.  Actually, while this is legitimately a stressful problem (I don’t want to be the iconic naked guy wearing a barrel held up by suspenders, though I think some guys are into that), it’s sorta a “nice” problem to have.  When I place my next order for clothing, I’ll be wearing clothing in sizes I haven’t worn since the 1990’s.  Crazy, right?

I’ve been systematically going through my clothes and making donation piles everywhere.  Piles, piles, more piles.  I live in a small studio apartment and have a king size bed, there is no room for all this piling and yet…I am piling clothes higher and higher as I decide “I’m not wearing this ever again,” and “I’m not wearing that ever again.”  It’s very liberating, having so much to give away..and the piles are just going to grow as I get ready to say goodbye in the next month or two to the clothing I’m currently wearing.

Letting go and moving forward is still a little scary, but getting easier and easier every week.

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