Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 16

On the nutrition and food front, I am continuing to be fascinated by my changing palette.  Heavy foods now feel ingloriously heavy, I am finding that when I “save” some allocations for a special dessert (or a dessert I previously felt to be special), I am simply not enjoying it as much as I used to.  I am both saddened and pleased by this result, for reasons that should be obvious.  I think my behavior changes with eating have become largely instinctive, when I eat out (which I still do frequently) I’m less tempted by heavier, greasier, fattier foods and more inclined to choose something lighter because I don’t want to get that stuffed-and-bloated feeling that I’ve lived with constantly for the last two decades.  This reminds me what a few friends have told me, that they stopped eating meat (or gluten) because of the way it made them feel.  I used to think, “whatever, food is food, it all makes me feel the same” but now I’m realizing that it does not all feel the same.  I think back to the way I used to eat and I’m astonished that I used to eat so much, so often.  I’m still a fan of the occasional big meal (a recent excursion to House of Prime Rib comes to mind), but I’m now realizing that I used to eat too much at nearly every meal, and I wasn’t really all aware of it, even when my body would tell me so by requiring a nap or making me otherwise feel sluggish.

It’s amazing how your perception of your age-old habits can change so much in a relatively short time.

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