Dave’s Journey With Eating Free: Week 10

My new favorite people are the people I only see once every three or four weeks, because they are the ones who notice my weight loss more.  I hit the 25 pound mark last week, and several people who saw me the first time in a month or more totally noticed.  It was pretty cool.  A few people have said stuff like, “that’s a new shirt!” not realizing that it’s an old shirt that hasn’t fit me since forever ago.  I let them think whatever they want, as long as they keep complimenting me. 🙂

Nice to know that the weight loss is noticeable because I’m not sure I’m noticing much beyond my pants falling to the floor immediately as soon as I loosen my belt.  This is fine when I’m at home, but when I’m in the restroom at work?  Not so much.  (Note to self: buy new pants.)

Billy from Diakadi started me on my new exercise program this week.  It’s harder, of course, but I really like it.  There are some exercises that are working new muscle groups, and several that are combined with each other.  By that I mean I do a rep of exercise A, and then a rep of exercise B, and then a rep of A, and then a rep of B, etc.  I am enjoying the variety (even though it really wears me out).

I’m constantly shocked to hear myself say stuff like “I really like it” in the context of going to the gym and getting exercise.  When I was a kid, I was this over-achiever who was good at school and pretty much liked all my classes…except gym class, because that was the class where I felt like I just sucked at everything.  For several years in grade school I got all A’s in all my classes, so I felt like I was good at almost everything, but gym class was the haunting reminder that not everything was my cup of tea.  Despite my height (I’m 6’3″ today), I remember sucking particularly badly at basketball.  I was always picked second-to-last when we made softball teams, thank God there was always one more person worse than me!  I remember coming in LAST one year in my junior high school bowl-a-thon; instead of raising money for charity, the charity had to pay me something…seriously, I was that bad.

I just have never been super-coordinated with my body, nor have I really ever been physically ambitious.  (Folks, that’s the complicated way of saying “I’m lazy.”)  So when everyone said to me, “wait till you see, you are going to get addicted to exercise and you are going to CRAVE it,” I thought they were being ridiculous.  And, well, I still think they are ridiculous, but I have to admit, I thought by now I would be dreading gym days the way I dreaded gym class back in the 80’s, but I’m really not.  I wouldn’t say I am addicted to exercise, and I wouldn’t say I’m loving it, but I certainly am liking it a lot.  So, in summary: exercise and I are not married, we’re just dating and enjoying it.

Billy makes the whole thing palatable.  He pushes; but the way he pushes makes you want to push yourself.  The experience overall, in a word, is rewarding.  Most days after I leave the gym, I feel good for the rest of the day.  Physically there’s a rise in energy level, but mentally there’s this feeling like I’ve accomplished something.  It’s nice to have that feeling by 10am a few days during the week!

It will be interesting to see if I remain so positive about it over time.  Down the road will I be addicted to exercise and crave it? Maybe…but don’t hold your breath. I have a feeling it might take a while…

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