Cool Down with Summertime Tapas

We are in the middle of summer season and it is getting HOT, I mean CALIENTE! So we need recipes that will not heat up your home which means less cooking in the oven and in the stove! This also means less clean up and more time outdoors in your backyards and patios at home.

I have partnered with National Dairy Council to share with you today’s caliente topic: 3 summertime tapa recipes made with dairy that not only are nutritious but most important delicious. As a registered dietitian I always recommend eating more plants like fruits and vegetables and one way to eat more of them is my pairing them with dairy, which people also need to eat more of. By doing these delicious pairings we are making sure that we are getting enough good quality protein, vitamin B12, calcium; three essential nutrients that dairy foods provide.

Are you ready for the tasty tapas?

Check out the video above to see the recipe demonstrations!


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