Christmas Survival: Part Two

So the big day is almost upon us and you need to be prepared.  Start today out right by having breakfast, and then get ready for tomorrow.  Make sure you have your healthy snacks around to curb that appetite, and try to think about what you may want to eat and drink tomorrow.  By keeping it light today after eating your nutritious breakfast, you can give yourself a little room for some extra goodies on Christmas.  Remember to add protein to every meal for energy and appetite control, and make sure you get some great sleep tonight so that you can stay focused and really enjoy the holiday tomorrow.

If you’re hosting the festivities at your place, don’t forget to send each guest home with plenty of leftover food so that it’s not hanging around to tempt you!  Are you headed out for the holiday? Don’t feel bad about skipping the take home plate; most hosts won’t take it personally.  And if it is a big deal, take it and then share the leftovers with someone else to keep your calories down.  Remember, share to lose weight this holiday season!

To Do Today:

Make a general meal plan for the next few days that takes into consideration the extra calories that may be eaten tomorrow, and try to stick to it.  Don’t forget your healthy snacks, make sure you’re eating sensibly every three to four hours, and stay hydrated

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