Can You Lose Your Belly After 50?

I recently had a client come in on October of 2017 not knowing at the time that he would soon be one of the personifications, not only of my latest book Flat Belly 365, but why I teach what I do. Firstly, this client needed to lose weight, but he was not very overweight. However, most of this weight was all centered in his belly. He had a waist circumference of 42 inches. This is an indication of excess visceral fat that can cause chronic inflammation and lead to other health issues, which already was showing signs of, given his cholesterol and triglyceride lab results were in the range that put him at risk for heart disease. So much in fact, that his doctors were pushing to prescribe him medication to lower his cholesterol levels. However, he refused and decided to see me instead as a referral from a friend.

But let’s back up. Why am I telling you all of this? Certainly not just to “prove” to you that my counseling works. What I want to do is send a reassuring message to those out there who get discouraged when it comes to health and weight loss over age 50.  He didn’t think that losing his belly could happen, because he was already 52, and it’s a common thought that once you’re over 50 you’re stuck with a belly.  Most people, like him, if they are over the age of 50, will just roll their eyes and say “Not possible, not for me anyway.”

I advised him that once he followed the Flat Belly 365 plan, he would see a dramatic change in his health. I reinforced losing the belly so that he can get a flat belly. I didn’t promise him a 6-pack. Flat Belly 365 is not about having a 6-pack, but to reduce your belly enough that is not pronounced, sticking out or rolling over your pants. It is about reducing your deep fat (visceral fat) to lower or prevent inflammation and, why not, look better too. He followed all three of the Flat Belly 365 principles which were one, tackling visceral fat with anti-inflammatory fats and superfoods. Second, keeping your gut healthy, which can help reduce weight and prevent other chronic diseases. The third, reducing inflammation by eating anti-inflammatory superfoods. Sure enough, he came in this February, just four months after our initial meeting, proud to show me his same lab results. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t blown away by what I saw.

He had lost 20 lbs in four short months, but that wasn’t the most impressive change. All of his lab results were now in a healthy range. His good cholesterol went up while his bad cholesterol went down. His blood lipids plummeted from 426 to 107. And his waist circumference was reduced from 42 inches to 37 inches, lowering his risk of chronic inflammation from excess visceral fat. The numbers for these staggering results can be seen in the graphs below.

Did this guy walk out of my office this month with six pack abs? No, but this was not the goal. The doctor told him he has no more need for that cholesterol lowering medicine. And his reduction in visceral fat has improved his health significantly. That is the goal in what I do and why I give my knowledge to the masses whether through books or face to face. With both Flat Belly 365 and the client’s impressive determination to take charge of his health, no matter what age he was, he was able to turn his situation completely around. After only four months with such progress, I can’t wait to see where he is in a year. Don’t be fooled, this can happen to woman too! If you’re a man or a woman thinking you can’t lose inches on your waist after the age of 50 (or any age for that matter), you may want to rethink that and I hope this story has inspired you to join the Flat Belly 365 community.

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