Burn Body Fat By Combining Carbohydrates and Protein

Did you know that combining certain food groups can help you feel more full and can help you burn more body fat?  Two such food groups are protein and carbohydrates.  Protein fuels your metabolism and helps prevent muscle breakdown when you’re losing weight.  Carbs give your body the fuel it needs for lasting energy and good brain function, and can also help curb sugar cravings.

Eating protein-rich foods like low-fat dairy products, lean meats and vegetarian meats are found to increase metabolism. Include fish, chicken, tofu or any lean meat or vegetarian protein  and carbohydrates high in fiber like grains such as quinoa, brown rice, farro or sweet potatoes  to your meals. There is evidence to show that foods rich in protein increases the burning of calories by about 25% and carbohydrates increases the burning calories by 10-15%.

For example, if you eat a salad, add chicken, fish, or tofu (protein) as well as a healthy whole grain such as brown rice, quinoa, or beans (carbs).  Use this technique when snacking too.  Try an apple (carb) and some string cheese (protein).

To Do Today:

  • Pay special attention to the composition of the foods you’re eating today, and make sure to always combine protein with carbohydrates at meal and snack time.

Photo credit: Jun Belen

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