6 Common Weight Loss Questions Answered by a Dietitian

When it comes to weight loss, there are buzzwords and fads that appear out of thin air. This makes it difficult to separate myths from facts. So I’m tackling 6 common weight loss questions and cutting straight to the facts you need to know.

There are several questions that I hear people asking when it comes to weight loss. So I wanted to dedicate a post solely to answer those questions. Here are the answers to the following 6 popular weight loss questions:

  1. Is pilates good for weight loss?
  2. Is salmon good for weight loss?
  3. Is creatine good for weight loss?
  4. Is kombucha good for weight loss?
  5. Is the sauna good for weight loss?
  6. Are body armor drinks good for weight loss?

1. Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

For 20 years I’ve been educating clients that when it comes to weight loss, 80% is nutrition and 20% is exercise. Pilates is great to maintain your tone and muscle mass, and we know muscle mass is needed to keep up your metabolism. So in simple terms, yes, it is good for weight loss.

2. Is Salmon Good for Weight Loss?

Salmon is great for weight loss because it has high quality protein. You need high quality protein as you lose the weight for many reasons:

  1. To keep up your metabolism
  2. To maintain your muscle mass
  3. To control your hunger 

Also, salmon provides anti-inflammatory omega-3s that can help fight inflammation as you lose weight.

3. Is Creatine Good for Weight Loss?

Creatine is a supplement used to build muscle, it is not for weight loss. Plus, it may make you hold water which is definitely not good for weight loss. However, if you are following a proper exercise protocol and fueling your body properly, building muscle while losing weight can be beneficial.

4. Is Kombucha Good for Weight Loss?

Kombucha alone is not going to trigger weight loss. However, kombucha can be a great drink of choice as you lose weight. Why? Because it provides probiotics.

Probiotics can help with weight loss but we need more research in this area. If you buy kombucha, buy one with no added sugar and lower calories. This makes it a weight-loss-friendly drink. 

5. Is the Sauna Good for Weight Loss?

What the sauna is going to do is make you lose water weight. It’s the same concept as people at the gym running to the scale after they have done the elliptical for an hour. Let me break it to you – it’s just water loss. However, there have been other positive benefits associated with sauna use.

6. Are Body Armor Drinks Good for Weight Loss?

These drinks provide electrolytes, which is beneficial especially if you have a workout routine. There are the regular Body Armor drinks, and the light versions with fewer calories. I recommend choosing the light version. Replenishing your electrolytes with fewer calories is the better choice for weight loss.

Bottom Line With Weight Loss Questions

Now as you can see, these popular weight loss questions each tap into different realms of nutrition and health. There are so many different factors that play into weight loss, but your food choices have one of the biggest impacts. 

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