5 Peruvian Superfoods That Support Weight Loss

Ever heard of my Peruvian superfoods? Well, there’s a reason I wrote two books on them, as they are loaded with great nutrition including lean protein, antioxidants, vitamin and minerals.

Because it is the new year, it’s after the holidays and, for most of us, another strict lockdown, I am sure weight loss comes to mind. These superfoods can help with weight loss by helping the body to operate optimally and supporting the body systems that assist with weight loss. So I’m going to share with you my 5 favorite Peruvian superfoods, how to cook with them and the powerful nutritional benefits they can offer.

In this episode of my Caliente Kitchen, learn how these superfoods can help and how you can easily start including these gifts of nature in your eating plan. I will be demonstrating how to make a delicious superfood smoothie and a refreshing salad loaded with superfood deliciousness.

peruvian powered smoothie recipe card

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