4 Top Brain Health Tips (+ Brain Health Supplements to Try)

Did you know that one in nine Americans aged 45 and older say they are experiencing a decline in their thinking? So here are 4 key brain health tips and 2 brain supplements I recommend.

June is Brain Health Month. So, I’ve partnered with CocoaViaTM to share my top 4 tips to building a brain health routine.

Changes in the brain are normal as we age, but a healthy body is the key to a healthy, sharp mind. 

To start off, I want to share something that should make you feel at ease. And after over 20 years as a dietitian, I see this time and time again.

You might go into each day with the absolute best intentions to meet your nutrient needs with food. But to be completely honest, this isn’t always realistic. And life can get in the way.

This is why finding the right supplements to pair with your meals and snacks can be a solution that sets you up for even greater success.

So, what supplements are even worth your while? And what can you eat to support brain health? My top tips will answer that for you. Put your brain caps on. Let’s dive in!

4 Top Brain Health Tips

  1. Eat More Foods with Soluble Fiber
  2. Load Up on Berries
  3. Incorporate a Consistent Level of Flavanols Into Your Daily Diet
  4. Exercise your Brain with a Mind Teaser

Keep reading for more about each one.

1. Eat More Foods with Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber helps maintain steady glucose levels. This is important for your brain to function at its best. Foods that are good sources of soluble fiber are oats, apples, beans and avocados. So next time you’re in the kitchen, add some beans to your meal or incorporate apples and oatmeal to your breakfast routine.

2. Load Up on Berries

Compared to other commonly consumed fruits, berries are uniquely high in anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are plant compounds that can help support brain health.

In fact, a new research study found that blueberries have cognitive benefits. The researchers found that the equivalent of a half cup of fresh blueberries per day may contribute to protection against cognitive decline when implemented early in at-risk individuals.

Add blueberries to yogurt, sprinkle on a salad, or simply enjoy them right out of the carton!

3. Incorporate a Consistent Level of Flavanols Into Your Daily Diet

Foods that provide flavanols are:

  • grapes
  • green tea
  • apples
  • cocoa-based foods

Because flavanol levels are not labeled and can vary greatly in foods, daily cocoa flavanol supplements, convenient capsules like CocoaViaTM Memory+ and CocoaViaTM Memory & Focus, are an easy way to incorporate a consistent level of flavanols into your diet for brain health. 

Brain Health Supplements with Flavanols

Consuming 750 mg of cocoa flavanols daily, like those found in one serving of CocoaViaTM Memory+ is proven to improve memory and brain function. This includes word recall (+31%), spatial memory (+24%) and long-term memory (+14%).

Or try the unique blend in new Memory & Focus which combines the Cocoapro+™ proprietary botanical blend, clinically-proven FloraGlo® lutein, and 50mg of naturally-sourced caffeine to keep you focused, boost your memory, and promote brain function. This proprietary plant-based formula supports 5 areas of brain performance including attention, executive function, word recall, visual memory, and long-term memory.

4. Exercise your Brain with a Mind Teaser

Whether you’re a Wordle or Sudoku kind of person, put your mind to the test in a fun way! Play a game that tests your cognitive skills and combines memory with problem-solving. It’s a great way to strengthen the synapses in the brain.

So, there you have it. My four tips that will give your brain the boost it deserves.

So, the next time you’re feeling a little foggy or are searching for ways to boost your brain health, save those brain cells for even more important things, and pull out these go-to tips!

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